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This week at Park Shore we explored the Arctic and its many animals that live there all year long. We met the Polar Bear and we learned about their habitat and life on the ice and snow.
Did you know Polar Bears are as heavy as 10 grown up human beings? Their white fur keeps them warm and allows them to hide from other animals in the arctic.  Male Polar Bears do not hibernate.  Only the females will hibernate in a warm den or pack ice home and sleep and nap for 5 months.  They do not eat or drink while they are hibernating.

Baby Polar Bears stay with their mother for 2 years.  They learn to hunt, fish, and stay safe.  After 2 years the baby Polar Bears go off on their own to explore and feed for themselves.

Male Polar Bears grow to be 10 feet in length and when they stand they can be as tall as a one story building.

Along the way we learned about other animals that share the love of the cold, wind and icy terrain of the Arctic.  We met the snowy owl, white fox, white rabbit, caribou, seals, penguins, walrus and the killer whales.  To say the least, this enrichment program was “Cool.”

To conclude the lesson we read:

“Polar Bear Night” by Lauren Thompson
“Big Bear Little Bear” by David Bedford
“Little Polar Bear” written and illustrated by Hans de Been