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Camp 2020: Week Four

Dear Park Shore Families,

“The Fun Continued” all week long even during those hot, hot sunny days! Decades Day, water relays, spray park and music playing started us off to a fantastic week! I was able to pass out ices to all of the smiling and excited children and staff, while they were cooling off in the water activities. The FUN really continued during the divisional “FUN” days on the field! What could be better than carnival games, bouncy houses, fresh Italian ices and so much more? The Italian ice was the favorite part of the kids’ day – nice and refreshing!! The Camper Lunch Challenge of the Week was “Guess how many bracelets April has on her arms!”. Each group had to guess and write down their answer and the winning group got to pick a prize. The correct answer is 46! We also had a very silly and messy challenge for the counselors – a whipped cream and gummy worms contest. Who can find the gummy worms on their plate without using their hands!? We ended this awesome week with Super Hero Day, which is a Park Shore favorite for dress up days! Everyone is their own Super Hero!

Next week is “All About The X’s And The O’s”!! We are so excited about Human Tic Tac Toe and much more!!!!!!

April Yaffe

Special Events Director

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