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by Ian Denson

Dix Hills, NY- We’ve all heard the rumors.  At the end of every rainbow lies a pot of gold.  But how many of us have actually taken the time or displayed the perseverance necessary to confirm this rumor?  Is there really a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow? And if not, what treasures and secrets do rainbows behold?

The owners of Park Shore Country Day Camp, brothers Bob and Chuck Budah, decided that their camp would be the perfect place to undertake this investigation.  According to the gregarious brothers, “There are always rainbows and sunshine at Park Shore!” Campers and their families agree.  One anonymous passerby remarked, “Every time I drive down Deer Park Road, I look to the east, and there it is…the most magnificent sight I’ve seen. Since the creation of this article, I’m still not sure if she was referring to a rainbow, or the lush 15 acres making up the whole of Park Shore.
Assistant Director of Operations, Mike Levy, was quick to brandish his trusty megaphone.  With the sound of its blaring siren, within minutes, an All-Star team of camp directors was mobilized to the area for their mission.  Each member of the team was chosen for their specialties, ranging from an uncanny knowledge of science, to amazing climbing abilities, to extreme athleticism, to the ability to solve even the toughest of riddles!
“Your mission is daunting,” stated Director of Operations Dianne Vitucci.  “Travel to the end of a rainbow and bring back the treasures you find!” It didn’t take long for the investigative team to spot a rainbow.  One director said, “Bob and Chuck were right…There really are always rainbows and sunshine at Park Shore!”  Finding the end of the rainbow, however, would prove to be much more of a challenge.
First came the trek through Park Shores numerous athletic fields.  “Wow!” exclaimed an excited director as she passed by the newly added Ninja Warrior and Lacrosse sections. “Our campers are going to go crazy over these new additions!”  Next came the Extremes. “Maybe we can find a clue on the Sky Trail, Rock Wall, or Bungee.”
Unfortunately, the directors found nothing, and their legs became tired from all their walking.  “I have an idea, shouted an exhausted director.  Let’s head to Park Shore’s new Off-Road ATV area, so we can ride on ATV’s instead of walking!”  The team was amazed when they got there.  “These ATV’s are going to be a camper favorite for sure,” a curious onlooker was heard saying to his friends.
On these new ATV’s the investigative team zoomed towards the pool area, zipping past playgrounds, RC Cars, Boats, Rock Crawlers, and Park Shore’s one-of-a kind, state-of-the-art STEAM Science Center, where kids’ critical thinking, design skills, and creativity are put to the test daily.  “We’re almost there,” cried a jubilant director. “The end of the rainbow appears to be coming from…the Food Emporium?!”
When they arrived at Park Shore’s dining area, the directors knew they had solved the mystery of what lies at the end of a rainbow.  Sitting there in a huge cast iron pot, was a stack of $200 March Madness camp coupons just waiting for families to take advantage of this amazing discount for the summer of 2017.  And right beside them, another treasure: a neatly piled stack of CHICKEN FRIES!
Mission Accomplished!