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Dear Super Senior Families,

Well, here we are halfway through the summer already, but hold back your tears because we’re just getting started.  Week 3 was our most anticipated week with Splish Splash and Sky Zone; and they didn’t disappoint.  The weather was perfect for Splish Splash and the campers were able to go on a number of rides.  At Sky Zone, everyone had a blast jumping, flipping, and yes, dodgeballing (I’m keeping it in even though spell check has the red line underneath).   I must say, although I was impressed with the acrobatics of our little Super Senior gymnast campers, I was even more fascinated by the talent of some of the staff.  I’m convinced they must have been part of Cirque du Soleil before working at Park Shore.

We took to the skies at the Museum of Aviation for week 4.  Learning about the various decades of flight was a different, but interesting trip for us.  Then, it was time to relax with a trip to the beach.

We’re sad to say goodbye to all of our July campers.  We will miss you and hope the rest of your summer is as great as the first four weeks.  We also wish to welcome all of the new August campers.  You are in for a great second half with exciting trips and lots of fun with old and new friends.

On a different note, I’m glad the Remind App is working well for us.  If you’re still having a problem with it, please call me as always at 631-553-9217.  

The Super Seniors are playing hard and loving it.  We had our 6th annual Super Senior Scavenger Hunt on Week 4.  Congratulations to our winners, The Stars! In addition, the Super Senior boys’ staff added a creative new spectacular event: The very first Super Senior Olympics!!  More to come as this story develops.  Along with our Pictionary and Trivia games throughout the day and our Super Senior Karaoke contest, one can clearly see how the Super Seniors are the best division on and off camp.  As always, please feel free to contact me with anything you wish to discuss.  


Reid and the Super Senior Staff