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This past week we began the first lesson in our “Kindness” program. We first discussed the subject, “I am Caring.” There are so many areas that we were able to touch upon.
We talked about feelings and how our response is important in making our friends feel safe and happy . We also touched upon manners and how saying “please,” “thank you,”and “you’re welcome” all matter. The best part of this lesson was on forgiveness. The children were very verbal and gave examples of how we can forgive others.  We then spoke about how we can care for the world. Recycling, picking up trash and helping around the house. We also talked about volunteering. Food drives, donating used toys and clothes and helping younger friends and family along the way. I am so proud of how much your children want to be kind and caring. Next month we will focus on “I am Respectful.”  I would love your feedback about this program and hope that together we will all make a difference.
Below are some key vocabulary words we talked about:
  • Bully: to be mean to someone else over and over again to purposely hurt them
  • Forgive: to stop being angry at someone
  • Manners: a kind and polite way of talking to and treating others
  • Support: to help and encourage someone who may be sad and lonely
  • Volunteer: to help without expecting something in return