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Setting a personal best time on the All-New Park Shore Ninja Warrior course. That’s right – Park Shore Ninja Warrior will put you to the test physically and mentally. Do you have what it takes to be a ninja warrior?


The smell of Puppy Chow coming from the Baking and Cooking room. The only thing better is the TASTE of the Puppy Chow after you take each bite! Baking and Cooking rocks!


Feeling the power of your ATV and the wind in your face as you navigate your way through Park Shore’s Off-road ATV Adventure Course. ATV’s were new last summer and are here to stay, as they have quickly become a camper favorite!


Dunking in the pool to cool off on those scorching hot summer days. Whether it’s improving your strokes with help from the lifeguards, dancing at Aqua Zumba, or just enjoying the water with your friends at free swim, it doesn’t get any better than Park Shore’s three heated pools!


Cheering for your favorite staff members during Park Shore’s weekly counselor challenges. Past challenges have included beach volleyball, home run derby, basketball knockout, and trike racing- what’s new for 2018? You’ll have to wait and see!


CHICKEN FRIES… need we say more?!


Bouncing, climbing, and maneuvering your way through Park Shore’s Extremes! Once again Bungee, Rock Wall, and Sky Trail will challenge, entertain you and push you to your limits! Will you make it to the top of the wall this summer?


Relaxing after a long day of fun and excitement by sitting in the shade, and eating your delicious, refreshing ice cream. Just make sure to finish quickly before it drips down your arm!


COLOR WAR! Showing your camp pride, competing with friends, bonding with your team, shouting your cheers, giving everything you’ve got – culminating with everyone’s favorite: The Amazing Race. Who will be victorious in 2018?!


That moment when you arrive on the first day of camp. Whether you take the bus or are dropped off, nothing beats the feeling of knowing you are about to have the best summer EVER!