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Extreme STEAM Science Kids campers were the first elementary aged students to use the Snappy XO robot

Anurag Purwar PhD, one of Extreme STEAM Science Kids’ Curriculum Advisors, visited Extreme Steam Science Kids on Friday morning and brought the robot he invented, Snappy XO,  for all to use.  He is the director of the Design Innovation Lab at Stony Brook University, developed the SUNY Freshman Design Innovation and Robotics curriculum, as well as being an inventor.  Our science campers were the first elementary aged students to use his newly invented robotics kit. They had the opportunity to work with him, a university professor, as they built a catapult in engineering and then assemble his robot in their robotics class.

Our young engineers were very excited as they put their skills to the test while tackling a new challenge.  It was very rewarding to observe our science campers succeed in this challenge as well as see the joy on their faces while completing the tasks in front of them.  We all look forward to the DaVinci surgical robot visiting Extreme Steam and all of our science campers being taught by Dr. Ben Schwartz on how to operate with it.  Our young scientists are all learning new science concepts as well as working in teams to solve problems with their newly acquired critical thinking skills.  There will be many more exciting Extreme Steam science activities to look forward to during the next three weeks.  We are overjoyed that Extreme Steam Science Kids has been overflowing with enthusiasm by both our campers and their parents.  It remains our sincere pleasure to be a leader in the field of STEAM education and offer our campers a program that energizes them every day.