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 Dear Families,
Thank you to all who came to our Spring Fling! We had a wonderful time.  The children get so excited to show off their athletic skills and we had a lot of good laughs as well.
I introduced a new tag game called Pizza Tag.  It is a huge hit among all ages. Everyone is either a cheese pizza or they can choose to be a topping and wear a pinnie.  We have some interesting choices for toppings: pineapples, strawberries, Swedish fish, M&M’s, Fruit Loops…..you get the idea.  The “Chef” calls out which pizza should run and try not to get tagged, any tagged pizza must go to the oven and do the silly cooking dance. It’s very cute and a lot of fun!
We managed to go outside a few times and play kick ball. With some warm weather finally coming our way we will be out as much as possible. Hip Hip Hooray!!!  The castle bounce is ready to be jumped in and the fields are ready to be used.
We will play hockey, t-ball, lots of relay races, scooter races, bubbles and have loads of fun.  Please remember to have your children wear sneakers on gym days.
Thank you,
Miss Jackie- Gym