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Hello Park Shore Parents,
It seems as if Mother nature is confused this year, the saying is supposed to be “March, in like a lion, out like a lamb” not April!  Hopefully we are coming to the end of this cold spell and the warm Spring sunshine we have all been waiting for is right around the corner.
In spite of the colder weather we have been keeping ourselves very busy in the Science lab.  Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day – we tried to catch a rainbow. I am happy to report that we did indeed catch the rainbow – but that tricky Leprechaun got away again!!  We also enjoyed making our very own rainbows with Skittles. It was amazing how the colors did not combine with each other and formed a perfect circle.
I do hope you are enjoying the beautiful butterflies we made using chromatography.  We were all so surprised at the array of colors that showed up on the coffee filter just using one color marker!
Right before Spring break, we tried our hand at making geodes in egg shells. Using a common household item, Epsom salt mixed with hot water, we made a super saturated liquid.  We then picked what color we wanted the geode to be. We then waited patiently (well mostly anyway) for the crystals to form and grow in the shell.  I hope you like the crystals that came home.
We were all happy to visit the cave and find that most of our friends have decided to wake up from their winter hibernation.  We had Tuck, the turtle, and Agatha, our blue tongued skink, join us upstairs in the classroom. I was so proud that the children all enjoyed holding and petting them both.
Looking toward the month ahead, we will learn more about plants and plant our own vegetable to take care of at home. We will make our very own rain cloud to demonstrate how much water a rain cloud holds.  Our younger friends will enjoy painting with puffy cloud paint. We will discuss ways to help our Earth for Earth Day and learn how important recycling is to our beautiful planet.
I look forward to spending this Spring with your children and watching their delight in being outdoors after a very long winter.  As always, dear parents, I look forward to catching up with you! Until then, think warm thoughts!
Miss Tina