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Hello Parents,

Welcome back!  I hope your Holidays were filled with family, fun and wonderful memory making moments!!  Here is to the start of a happy and healthy 2016!!

December was a quick month but that didn’t stop us from having fun in the STEAM Science Lab.   The month started with the children learning the best way to make our pennies look shiny and new again.  We agreed that the vinegar worked best, but were very surprised that the ketchup also cleaned the penny really well!  

Since the weather had not been cooperative with giving us much snow yet, we decided to take matters in our own hands.  Using just shaving cream and baking soda we were able to make our own snow.  Some of my friends made snowmen and some just played in the snow.  It was fun to feel how cold the “kid made” snow felt in our hands.  Our toddlers enjoyed using their hands to paint with a snowy paint mixture.    

As the colder weather continued we decided making frosty looking crystals was a good idea.  Using a simple household staple, Borax, we were able to make shiny, beautiful crystals to hang on a tree or in a window.  I do hope you enjoyed the gift from your child.  They all worked very hard at making their own special shapes.  

We extended our lessons on solids and liquids by making Oobleck, a substance that is classified as both a solid and a liquid.  The children were amazed at how hard the substance felt when we tried to poke it, but when we picked it up it flowed like a liquid.  To make it a little more interesting we decided to see what would happen if we put peppermints in it.  Lets just say, it made a pretty swirly design as it dissolved!  

We ended our month with a twist on a classic STEAM activity. We made structures with gumdrop and toothpicks.  I challenged each group of students to make an upright structure that was 2 stories or more.  I was truly amazed at how quickly they were able to “get it”, some of the structures were incredible!  Even if they didn’t get it right away – after seeing others, they were able to self correct and make houses, trees and spaceships.  

This month we are investigating surface tension, molecules and magnets.  We will enjoy painting with a favorite candy and discuss hibernation.  As always we will visit with our friends in The Cave.  The weather may be cold but the STEAM Science Lab will continue to keep your children heated up with an excitement for learning!!


Miss Tina

The STEAM Science Lab